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The IPS College of Pharmacy was set up in the year 2005 with the objective of creating new generation pharmacists to take up new challenges in pharmaceutical and drug industry, and clinical pharmacy. The College strives to encourage entrepreneurship, and finally, instil the quality and ethics of pharmacy profession in the students. The College is deeply committed to mould quality professionals with character and competence to touch the humanity with a compassionate heart.

The institution is established with the sole objective of producing outstanding graduates and post graduates. The institution is committed to over all development of prospective students along with high quality education.

  • Developing a unique relationship between teachers and taught .
  • Giving ample space and opportunity to the students for academic development.
  • Commitment towards attaining the latest knowledge and utilizing it for the development of mankind.
  • Giving equal opportunity to both the genders to excel.
  • Setting up higher goals for the future. more...